Judge Sides with City, iQuilt in Gold Street Relocation

Judge Marshall K. Berger has dismissed the appeal against the realignment of Gold Street. This is a groundbreaking victory for the iQuilt Plan and the City of Hartford and affirms that a very thorough and diligent process was followed to incorporate this into the overall iQuilt Plan.

The relocation of Gold Street is necessary for the completion of Bushnell Gardens and is a critical component of the iQuilt’s GreenWalk, connecting the Connecticut River to Bushnell Park. It also allows for the first expansion of Bushnell Park since its completion in 1860.

The current alignment of Gold Street dates from the 1970s and was engineered for the convenience of commuters in automobiles. The new realignment of Gold Street is designed, by contrast, for pedestrians. The realignment creates a new pedestrian promenade from the Travelers and the Atheneum through Bushnell Gardens all the way to Hoadley Gate, which is incorporated into the design. The current triangular lawn south of Gold (which is City property) has been an unused, leftover space for more than 40 years, clearly demonstrating that the current alignment is an impediment to the revitalization of downtown Hartford as a vibrant, walkable district. The new alignment will accommodate vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians; it will create an active new public park space for Hartford.

Read the Hartford Courant’s article about the Gold Street decision, or read the entire decision on the Connecticut Judicial website.