Innovation Center

Learn more about our vision for Hartford at the iQuilt Innovation Center, located at Prospect & Central Row. The center is open Monday through Thursday, 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. 

Winterfest Hartford

Fundraising for Winterfest Hartford 2017-18 is underway. Make a donation today, and keep free ice skating, skate rentals and learn to skate classes in Bushnell Park.


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The iQuilt Plan is a culture based urban design plan for Downtown Hartford. Downtown Hartford is an unusually compact historic district packed with more than 45 cultural assets and destinations within a 15-minute walk: museums, performance spaces, historic landmarks, modern architecture, and public art.

The iQuilt Plan links those assets with a vibrant and innovative pedestrian network. Its centerpiece is the GreenWalk, a one-mile chain of parks and plazas connecting the gold-domed Capitol in Bushnell Park to the waterfront of the Connecticut River.

Overall Goals

  • A More Walkable, Sustainable, and Welcoming Downtown
  • An Improved Cultural Network
  • A Stronger Economy and Workforce


Our Work