Help support walking, culture and innovation in Downtown Hartford. Your tax-deductible gift will help ensure a vibrant downtown.

Make a tax-deductible contribution to iQuilt, in the form of cash, stocks, mutual fund shares, or donor-advised funds for operating support, capital project support, tributes, special occasions, or commemorative gifts for memorials.

Endowment and Estate Planning
Consider making a legacy gift by including iQuilt in your estate planning. A permanently-named endowment fund for an area may be established as part of your legacy gift.

Employer Matching Gift
Many companies will match your donation. Send your employer's matching gift form to iQuilt (electronically or by standard mail.)

Payroll Deduction
Consider a convenient payroll deduction through your employer.

For more information or if you would prefer to make your donation by check:

Jackie Gorsky Mandyck ( or 860-614-6077)
The iQuilt Partnership
31 Pratt Street, 5th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103


Have questions about your donation? Feel free to contact us.