The iQuilt Plan is a culture based urban design plan for Downtown Hartford. Downtown Hartford is an unusually compact historic district packed with more than 45 cultural assets and destinations within a 15-minute walk: museums, performance spaces, historic landmarks, modern architecture, and public art.

The iQuilt Plan links those assets with a vibrant and innovative pedestrian network. Its centerpiece is the GreenWalk, a one-mile chain of parks and plazas connecting the gold-domed Capitol in Bushnell Park to the waterfront of the Connecticut River.

The iQuilt Plan has worked on design concepts for the City's infrastructure and private property that emphasizes and enhances the iQuilt's overall goals.  In addition, the iQuilt Partnership has developed an event that invites people to see Hartford in a new way.  The festival, Envisionfest, Connecticut's Capital City Festival, has begun to change perceptions of Hartford by stimulating the senses through culture, innovation, imagination and ingenuity. The iQuilt Partnership also works closely with the City of Hartford to produce Winterfest.

Overall Goals

  • A More Walkable, Sustainable, and Welcoming Downtown
  • An Improved Cultural Network
  • A Stronger Economy and Workforce

In June 2012 the City of Hartford was awarded a $10 million federal TIGER IV (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) Grant.  The grant will be used to tie transit to the Greater Hartford region's employment and housing centers in an effort to promote job creation and economic revitalization.  The grant will fund the Intermodal Triangle Project, a major transportation investment in downtown Hartford.  The Intermodal Triangle Project is key to linking the ongoing cultural and economic investments, and will develop Union Station into a regional intermodal transportation hub through improved transit, pedestrian and biking infrastructure.  The project will be substantially complete by the fall of 2015.